Sweet Disposition (Undercatt Remix)

Sweet Disposition (Undercatt Remix)
The Temper Trap

Catalog No: 2DIY4 #2DIY4_14
Release Date: 03.12.2014

Digital only - Release: 11.12.2015 
Tracklist: 1 The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Undercatt Remix) 07:36 min 

Diynamic Music’s sister label 2DIY4 are proud to announce that they are releasing a fantastic rework by one of their newest additions, Undercatt. The Italian pair recently remixed The Temper Trap’s >Sweet Disposition
The track is a seven minute bit of brooding house with great, pained vocals at the heart as wood block hits, nagging synth lines and colourful chords all add to the slowly building sense of drama. A masterfully well paced and well balanced tune with a big breakdown and main room filling synths, it is a perfect calling card for this hot pair’s inventive new sound.