November Morning

November Morning

Catalog No: DIYNAMIC #2DIY4_06
Release Date: 26.11.2012


What would a Stimming track sound like when played by a real, 64-man orchestra?

This question for Stimming was followed by many a sleepless night. On side B there is the original version of "November Morning" which some of you might already know as its original release on Diynamic dates back to earlier this year. Blue and melancholic house chords with a typical Stimming climax: not obvious but instead, effective.

A pseudo violin, field recordings and his whistle round things up.

Side A is the answer to our disclosure: More than 60 musicians from the Brandenburg State Orchestra were involved in making this work a unique classical expierence. No artificial sounds or elements were used in the succeeding finishing process - all you hear is pure "analog" Orchestra. He also made a very personal video about the development of this project, that can be viewed on his youtube channel:

"This is one of my most emotional tracks, and thus is has to be played by an orchestra. Not by a sampler but by real people!"

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