Stimming - Alpe Lusia

Stimming - Alpe Lusia

It’s finally here: On Friday, April 29th, Stimming’s new album “Alpe Lusia” will be out on Diynamic. The ten track LP, which was inspired by a trip to a remote hut in the Italian Alps will be available digitally, on CD, on double vinyl and in the new stems format.

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The Story behind “Alpe Lusia"

Stimming’s new album “Alpe Lusia” was named after a remote little alpine hut in northern Italy, in which he had secluded himself to work on his LP for a full month, all by himself. When asked “why”, Stimming responds with the constant distractions inherent in the affluent society: “When I reduce the outer impulses, I create a sort of artificial understimulation which in turn makes all my gear and equipment appear incredibly attractive again (in the way it actually deserves to be).”

However, even isolation can outgrow you. After two weeks spent with only cows, goats and sheep, he needed a change of scenery. In order to see some human faces and civilization, he drove to the city of Bozen, which is two hours away, and returned with a newly bought perfume and newly found strength and courage. Stimming’s album begins with the rippling noise of a little creek. “I wanted to create something of my own, a journey that (apart from the basic House formula) orientates itself as little as possible on contemporary influences”, says Stimming.

Would Stimming recommend this excursion to fellow producers? Not without preparing sufficient material and ideas: “I think starting with a blank piece of paper would be way too tough.”