Diynamic Outdoor - we return to Ibiza!

Diynamic Outdoor - we return to Ibiza!


Diynamic finally reveals new Ibiza residency! 

Diynamic announced its Ibiza residency 2014. The new event series goes under the name “Diynamic Outdoor” and will take place at “Cova Santa”, a so far largely unknown stunning venue tucked away in the picturesque landscape in the centre of the island. Every Tuesday from July 22nd to September 9th Diynamic presents a daytime event in the true spirit of Ibiza. Sunshine, good vibes and above all, quality electronic music presented by the very best Diynamic has to offer.

When setting up the plans for Ibiza 2014, the Diynamic crew felt like it was time for something new. It was the right moment to make the next step. The Diynamic family loves Ibiza and that’s why they wanted to bring some innovation and diversity to the island: This is what “Diynamic Outdoor” is all about.

And fortune kept on smiling: An amazing location fell into our hands just at the right time. Cova Santa, a delightful spot a few miles from San Jose, where olive trees grow and nature is at its purest.

If you do understand a few words of Spanish, you might have guessed that “cova” is the Spanish word for cave – and that’s for a reason: “Cova Santa” is a venue adjacent to a real cave which was used by pirates in the 15th century. It has a rich history of holy men and cultures seeking refuge within its safe walls. It was one of the islands main tourist attractions in the 1950’s. Nowadays its impressive interior houses one of the best wine cellars in the Balearic Islands. It’s a stunning venue with its own indoor club, outdoor terrace and natural atmosphere.

Until just recently it has not really been used for parties. There were a few secret events before, some hush-hush afterparties, only DJs and their friends. 2014 is the official debut for “Cova Santa” as a club venue, and Diynamic is glad to be part of it.

“Diynamic Outdoor” is about the pure experience of electronic music. A place for people to enjoy themselves out in the open. The parties will be held on eight Tuesdays from July 22th through September 9th. They will start in the afternoon, continue until midnight and then - for those who can’t get enough - move into the intimate indoor club of Cova Santa.

The line-up features simply the best of Diynamic: Solomun, H.O.S.H., Adriatique, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, David August, Stimming and more.

Everyone at Diynamic is super excited. Enjoying the view of the hills of Ibiza, watching the sunset and dancing in the moonlight together with our friends and family. Party with taste and respect to the environment that surrounds it. Summer may come!

Diynamic Outdoor
with Solomun, H.O.S.H., Adriatique, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, David August, Stimming, and more.

Every Tuesday from July 22th till September 9th
Cova Santa
Ctra. San José, km 7 (junction to Sa Caleta)
07817 Ibiza (Spain)