Thyladomid - Interstellar Destiny Album Release Tour

Thyladomid - Interstellar Destiny Album Release Tour

Diynamic is proud to announce the debut album of Thyladomid called ‘Interstellar Destiny’, to be released worldwide on March 30th.

Thyladomid is a DJ and producer based in Germany with English roots. He has stepped up into the international limelight back in 2010, when his single “The Voice” held the pole position on Beatport’s Deep House charts for six consecutive weeks and eventually got him a “Beatport Music Award” in the category “Top Deep House Track of the Year” (based on Beatport sales). Since then Thyladomid has been an inherent part of Diynamic, with regular appearances on international label showcases, its own festivals as well as with multiple successful releases on the label and its sub-imprint 2DIY4, including highly-acclaimed collaborations with Adriatique.

On Thyladomid’s next adventure, which is his debut album “Interstellar Destiny”, he takes a different approach with his music: It does not feature the usual club sound you would expect from him. Instead, it mirrors his thoughtful and fragile nature in his songs, making this album as personal as one can be.
The album is accompanied by a 4-month album release tour through major European clubs.


06.02. Indigo, Istanbul (TR)
14.02. Tecnicolor @ Q21, Milan (IT)
15.02. Raum 38, Moenchengladbach (DE)
20.02. Concrete 1994, Beirut(LB)
21.02. Harry Klein, Munich (DE)
27.02. Watergate, Berlin (DE)
06.03. Brain Klub, Braunschweig (DE)
07.03. Mono Heidi, Aachen (DE)
12.03. O2 Night Club, Dubai (UAE)
14.03. Labyrinth Club, Antwerp (BE)
22.03. Loveland Weekender, Meerdal (NL)
27.03. Bloc, London (UK)
28.03. Bellevue, Zurich (CH)
04.04. Passage, Freiburg (DE)
10.04. Hertz&Seele, Nuremberg (DE)
11.04. SQ Klub, Poznan (PL)
17.04. Sirup, Zagreb (CR)
18.04. Mono Heidi, Aachen (DE)
19.04. Sunday Beats, Belgrade (RS)
25.04. Skala, Bielefeld (DE)
30.04. Heinz Gaul, Cologne (DE)
08.05. Weidendamm, Hannover (DE)
09.05. Ludwig, Wuerzburg (DE)
16.05. Raum 38, Moenchengladbach (DE)
23.05. Rondel, Bern (CH)