Solomun EP

Solomun EP

Catalog No: DIYNAMIC #001
Release Date: 01.07.2006

Solomun, aka DJ Play, the Hamburg DJ giving his debut with an EP on his own Label Diynamic Music. Music like a butterfly in summer: warm and dry. Deep, groovy, consequential and melodious Solomun always has an eye on the dancing client.

On three tracks there is a unique electronic band with telling stories of three layers of party-going and worlds to live in. Absolute summerhits, instantly commanding to dance, a melody of timeless beauty (Bunte Blume), meditation-music for the dancefloor (Wellenfänger) and a deep, sexy prime-time-hymn (Stadtgeflüster) – you´ll find anything on this EP. A1: Bunte Blume A Club-Hit out of time end space. A feeling of yearning is awakened in the digital space, giving the hearer a deep sense for the music.

Feelings finding their peak in a surprising and all-pervading synthie-hook, wanting to stay in the ear and doing so. Bunte Blume combines the best of different worlds: A hymn that has everything indeed and denies all the superfluous.

B1: Stadtgeflüster Suddenly there appear vocals: A female breathing is heard rhythmically. A deep Minimal-Track for a party where sex is in the air. The room-pervading bass and a melodramatic FM-Hook give this track a near cineastic drive, like a great movie. B2:Wellenfänger This track is like a quiet night by the sea. The quieting groove allows the partygoer to close his eyes and drift into relaxation. breath in, breath out - the music is still in a dry endless revolution, until the bass breaks through and the sound-plains open and close again and again. Minimal Sound for people relaxing on the dancefloor.