I Am Free (Single)

I Am Free (Single)

Catalog No: DIYNAMIC #DIY085
Release Date: 14.11.2014

Tracklist: 1. Johannes Brecht feat. Fetsum – I Am Free (Original Mix) (07:56 min) 2. Johannes Brecht feat. Fetsum – I Am Free (Acapella Version) (05:36 min) If it’s true that music is a part of what makes humans human and that it is THE universal language of mankind, why not use it as both: a strategy for self-affirmation and a solution for cross-cultural communication, especially in our times of trouble.

What Johannes Brecht and Fetsum came off to do is combine a socio-political statement with a highly driving club-composition in the spiritual tradition of FELA KUTI.
I AM FREE amplifies every human’s compelling desire to dance…dance for freedom, dance for equality and dignity. ’I AM FREE. YOU DON’T SCARE ME. EVERYBODY IS BORN AN ANGEL’!