Catalog No: DIYNAMIC #059
Release Date: 30.07.2012

Adriatique is back with their second release on Diynamic.

Once again the two talented producers from Switzerland have created a really impressive EP that seems to fit perfectly for the upcoming summer!

The opening track, “Deeper Love", really sets the direction of the whole EP and will make you fall in love with it! A really nice and warm synthesizer combined with that catchy “deeper love” vocal and a funky picked guitar makes this tune unique.

The second track “By Your Side” persuades with that coltish sequenzer bassline at first. After the first break the tune unfolds its entire power. It’s the nice combination of a deep and pitched down vocal, funky bent chords, and a great synthie line that mesh perfectly all over again. A great track for the dancefloor!

With “Motions", the third and title track of the new EP, Adriatique deliver another harmonic tune that goes under the skin. Its the slowest track on the EP. Massive bass tones, groovy shuffled hihats and a deep, repetetive vocal loop result in a wonderful, warm track.

The fourth and last track “Body Moving” brings the EP to an good end. With a nice vocoder voice the tune gets a touch of the 80s sound. And again a bouncy baseline delivers this special groove and guarantees to shake the floor.