Feel It EP

Feel It EP

Release Date: 26.11.2012

One of the most recent additions to the Diynamic family is the lively young talent, Karmon. Hailing from the Netherlands, Karmon released his first full EP on Hamburg´s Diynamic label and is now back stronger than ever with the `Can You Feel It EP´.

Evolving into a true Diynamic artist with skills and style that seamlessly merge with the Diynamic philosophy, this next EP by Karmon conveys a growth in the producer´s sophistication – an ability to make feel good funked up house with rich sonic textures and an accessible heart beat.

Opener is the dreamy `Take My Hand feat. Terry Shand´, a track that literally takes you by the hand to leads you through cold winter days. The capturing power of its warm melody and the supporting vocals by Terry Shand embrace all kinds of music tastes, fusing mid-tempo sultry funk with upbeat keys, moody stabs and romantic reverie. The `Dub´ again highlights Karmon´s smooth credentials.

On the flip-side, `When Dark Becomes Night´ oozes a late night atmosphere with the build made for getting the dancefloor warmed up. Its relaxed piano keys and the short but very intense break unite flawlessly with the melodic basslines. The result is a classic Diynamic tune that stay in your head, this is hard not to love.

The second B-side track `Feel It´ is an irresistibly punchy composition of freewheeling melodies and wonderfully arranged synths and basslines, giving its listeners the feeling of total clarity and inner consciousness on the dancefloor.